Can You Die from Fatty Liver? Is Fatty Liver a Life Threatening Disease?

Fatty liver is a disease that can result in some serious complications, but can you die from fatty liver?

Normally, we cannot call fatty liver a fatal disease. Still, you should be aware that you are suffering from a serious medical condition, and you must take action immediately. Here are some things you must learn about fatty liver, in order to prevent accidents from happening.

Can you die from Fatty Liver? What happens when Symptoms Go Untreated

As already mentioned, fatty liver is a disease that is treatable. You do not have to stay in hospital or take expensive medication, but you have to let go of the bad habits and focus on living a healthy life. If you neglect to do this, you will put yourself in danger, and may face some dreadful consequences.

The worst thing about fatty liver disease is that you could suffer from it without even knowing. The liver is an organ that does not usually show signs of illness. This is why diseases that affect your liver can potentially become quite dangerous, without you even being aware of it, and might even kill you eventually. In order to prevent your body from getting really sick, or worse, you must be able to detect the first symptoms of fatty liver disease.

Even if fatty liver disease is a medical condition that is silent and does not show many signs of its presence, there are some occurrences that should alert you. If you have experienced or are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is almost obvious that you are suffering from fatty liver disease. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that the answer to the question “can you die from fatty liver” is no, as long as you treat your condition.

How can you know for sure that you have developed the fatty liver disease? Check this list of symptoms, and if you have at least some of them, it can be quite likely that you have developed the condition.

The symptoms for fatty liver disease are:

• Fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite

• Loss of interest in sex;

• Weakness and weight loss;

• Swollen legs due to fluid retentions;

• Fluid in the abdominal cavity;

• Itches;

• Small, red veins under the skin and bruises that occur easily;

• Yellow skin under the eyes;

• Lack of concentration and forgetfulness;

• Dark colored urine;

Of course, some of these symptoms are quite hard to detect, but if you have any doubts you should visit a doctor. Do not let these symptoms go untreated, because they can result in liver failure, cirrhosis or even lead to death. So, can you die from fatty liver? The probability of dying from fatty liver is about the same as the probability of dying of any “minor” disease. Any disease left untreated, no matter how insignificant it is, can eventually lead to severe complications and death. So, it is totally up to you to take better care of your health.

Can You Die from Fatty Liver? More about the Symptoms

The symptoms of fatty liver disease are most important because they are the ones that determine whether you can or cannot die from the condition. When the symptoms are discovered, and you begin the treatment, the danger will pass.

Is there a way to find out quickly that I am suffering from fatty liver disease and start the treatment? Fatty liver disease is asymptomatic in the beginning, so the chances that you will find out soon about it are low. Still, this does not mean you the disease will kill you.
The majority of people realize that they are suffering from fatty liver disease only after they experience about all the symptoms listed above. Does this mean that the majority of people are dying from fatty liver disease, due to late diagnostic? The answer is no, since most of the people manage to treat their condition, even if they have not diagnosed it early.

When can you die from fatty liver? You can die from the disease when you simple leave it untreated. Even if fatty liver is asymptomatic in its early stage, eventually you will know that something is wrong. This is when you must take action.

It is most likely that your symptoms will be quite noticeable once the amount of fat accumulated inside your liver reaches about 10 percent of your liver’s total weight. This percentage is abnormal, and will result in the symptoms listed above.

Can you die from fatty liver if the symptoms do not show? No. Like I said, the disease will eventually start to manifest and then you will know it. At first, you will experience a mild abdominal discomfort. Once your liver becomes inflamed, the fatigue, fever and yellow skin under the eyes will let you know whether or not something is wrong.

Can You Die From Fatty Liver? What Are The Odds?

Fatty liver is quite a common disease, especially in the countries where obesity is common. About one in ten of the people that suffer from inflamed liver due to the fatty liver disease will eventually face cirrhosis.
Still, not all people that are suffering from fatty liver will have an inflamed liver; some are diagnosed quickly. Furthermore, people with cirrhosis can still treat their condition. Even though cirrhosis is a terrible disease that will cause permanent damage to the liver, it is not necessarily fatal. So, once again: can you die from fatty liver? The answer is “not necessarily”; it is not likely for you to die from fatty liver. There are very few people who die from fatty liver; most of them who do, also suffer from other associated medical conditions.

What can I do to prevent my condition from getting worse? You can start by eating healthily, exercising, losing weight and doing all the things the doctor advises you to do. Give up alcohol, junk food, sugar and fried foods. Whatever you do, do not neglect your condition.

Can you die from fatty liver – yes, you can, but no, you will probably not, as long as you take care of yourself.

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