How Do You Get Rid of a Fatty Liver? Short Guide

How do you get rid of a fatty liver? That is the one of the first questions one asks when being diagnosed with fatty liver. That is, of course, if you are clear on what fatty really is. Many doctors are being rather vague about it – and the main reason for that is that there is no miracle cure to fix you and your liver once the condition has developed. You will need strong will and patience and you will need to accept from the start that your life will have to change for the treatment to work.

The best way to understand the fatty liver treatment is to understand how fatty liver starts. And how do you get rid of fatty liver? The best method is to understand how the sickness works, how you act against it and how the treatment works to heal you. So, here are some pointers on that.

How does fatty liver happen?

The liver is the organ in our body that pretty much filters toxins. Whenever we eat something that our body cannot use, it is being taken to the liver for filtering. Problems occur with your liver when too much of that is being thrown at it and it eventually becomes clogged with toxins that it’s supposed to eliminate. Most of the time, this is what the fatty liver disease originates from. So when you ask yourself: “how do you get rid of a fatty liver?” you have to take into consideration how the disease started in the first place.

The problem with fatty liver is that it starts a bit of a vicious circle. Basically, what happens is that your liver, being clogged with fat and other toxins, is becoming less and less efficient in filtering everything – which means that there will be more and more toxins and fat deposited in it. Because of this, it is much more difficult to escape fatty liver than to prevent it from developing. The worst part is that in most cases, by the time you acknowledge that you have fatty liver (symptoms start showing rather late) the sickness is usually already installed and difficult to reverse.

But once fatty liver has installed, how do you get rid of a fatty liver?

The first step is understanding what has caused the fatty liver in your case. Specialists split fatty liver in two categories: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In the case of alcoholic fatty liver, the condition is started by excessive alcohol consumption, and the main course of action is, obviously, giving up alcohol. In the case of non-alcoholic fatty liver, the usual cause is an unbalanced diet that includes too many saturated fats, sweets and other toxic substances. How do you get rid of a fatty liver in this case? You start a strict diet with healthy food, including vegetables and proteins, and you avoid the foods that have hurt your liver in the first place.

Is there no other way to cure fatty liver?

There are various other things that will help you cure fatty liver. But if what you want to ask is “how do you get rid of a fatty liver without a diet?”, there’s not much of an answer that can be offered. In truth, there are ways in which your fatty liver diet can be made easier and the treatment duration can be shortened – but as long as your liver continues to be bombarded with toxic substances, it will keep on failing. You will need to give it a little bit of rest.

Are there times when you can develop fatty liver without having the wrong diet? It is unlikely, but, unfortunately, it is possible. As Dr. Alfred Pischinger discovered, dieting is sometimes not enough to cure fatty liver, because sometimes the diet is not what is causing it. So how do you get rid of a fatty liver that was not caused by a faulty diet? Your best bet will probably be the Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol, a treatment that also addresses the other causes (other than alcohol consumption and bad diets) that could have caused fatty liver.

How do you get rid of a fatty liver using the Ezra protocol?

The protocol is a pretty new development in the world of fatty liver and it is very likely that most doctors will not be aware of it or recommend it. It is, indeed, different from what is generally practiced, but it is highly effective: Ms. Debra Elkin, the author, reported being healed in an amazing two months (treatment for fatty liver can last as much as two years).

But if this is not a commonly practiced method, where does one find the necessary information? Luckily, nowadays the Internet is a great source for just about everything, and Ms. Elkin has decided to share with everyone the miraculous way in which she was healed. All you need to do is search for the Fatty Liver Bible online.

But how do you get rid of a fatty liver by just reading a book? You may be skeptical that this is possible, but it is. The Fatty Liver Bible is created in a simple way so that even people who are not specialists in the field can understand and apply what it says. But just in case that still doesn’t work for you, Ms. Elkin understands the fact that you may need help, so she offers consultancy to anyone who ordered the book, without charging anything for it. You will have the simple necessary facts in the book and any necessary additions will come straight from Ms. Elkin herself. As a former sufferer of fatty liver, she understands all that the disease entails and what it causes.

Fatty liver is a difficult disease and you will require a strong will to reverse it, but do not despair: it can be done. Just ask the right question: “how do you get rid of a fatty liver?” and prepare yourself to start the treatment.

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