How to Fix a Fatty Liver – Advanced Detecting and Treating Methods

Fatty liver disease is not a problem that can be taken lightly, and if you want to know how to fix a fatty liver in the most efficient way, you may need to open your mind to include a broader view, both in detecting and treating it.

Sometimes, conventional treatments can only go so far. If you are suffering from a disease such as FLD, you need all the assistance you can get in order to stop the problem from advancing, and bringing about additional complications, such as cirrhosis. Apart from just eating healthy foods and avoiding alcohol, however, there are many other little-known home treatments and methods that could potentially help you in mending a fatty liver without too many issues.

Advanced Ways of Detecting Fatty Liver Disease

Before answering even some of the basic questions regarding how to fix a fatty liver, we must first look at some of the main ideas regarding its detection. The condition is, after all, far more easy to treat, if you manage to learn about it in time. The only problem is that, because of its lack of clear symptoms that could give it away, you often find yourself unaware of the disorder’s presence before additional complications start to appear.

What is the best way to detect FLD? For finding out whether or not you will have to mend a fatty liver, one of the most commonly known ways of detecting it is through biopsy. The procedure is a type of medical test that is performed by a surgeon or radiologist, and it involves the sampling of cells or tissues for determining the presence of a disease.

Of course, before starting to ask about how to fix a fatty liver, you have to be sure of what the problem truly is. Unfortunately, biopsy can be quite painful, involving at least 6 hours of bed rest. Apparently, it has also been fatal in some isolated cases, so you really need to consider whether this is the best way to find out if you have fatty liver disease.

With so much technology available these days, it can be hard to believe that doctors can’t use more advanced means of detecting any type of disorder. Indeed, medical knowledge and technology has advanced greatly in recent years, and better ways of detecting and finding out how to fix a fatty liver are readily available all around the world today.

What other means are there to help detect the disease? There are mainly 3 advanced imaging techniques that can help your doctor establish whether or not you have FLD. These are: ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography.

The least expensive, safest and most common of these methods is ultrasound. Is saving money important to you when it comes to finding ways of detecting and learning how to fix a fatty liver? If your answer is yes then this is perhaps the best method you can use. Also, the technique can be accurate, as it provides a specificity of 93 % and a sensitivity of 89 %.

The other two methods are also viable choices, but they are not as cheap and readily available as the one we presented. The good news is, however, that biopsy is not always necessary for detecting the disease in its earlier stages.

Using Unconventional Methods to Mend the Problem

If you have already tried out some of the mainstream methods of treating the disease, you may often ask: is there any way of learning how to fix a fatty liver more easily? It is common knowledge that diets, exercise and various drugs can assist you in mending the problem; however, some practices are difficult, and it can take a long time before any significant results start to show.

 Herbal remedies for FLD are considered by many to be surprisingly effective when it comes to cleansing the liver and healing liver related diseases. Three of the best plants that can be used to for treating FLD are cascara sagrada, gentian root and golden seal.

How to fix a fatty liver with natural remedies based on these plants? 3 to 6 grams per day of the latter two ingredients can help purify your liver and assist with digestive problems, as well. Also, cascara sagrada can be used to make a tincture, 1 ml of which taken on a daily basis can be excellent for any liver problems (a word of caution: the herb is not considered safe for pregnant women).

 Green tea is another potential remedy for fatty liver disease. Wondering how to fix a fatty liver using such a common method? This will be easy to understand once you learn of some of the benefic effects that green tea has on FLD patients.

Based on extensive studies, the tea was found to block the amount of fat stored in the liver, enhance antioxidant defenses, and overall improve the proper functioning of the liver. Also, researchers suspect that it can enhance the rate at which fat is transformed into energy.

 Yoga may be considered as more of an indirect practice for healing liver diseases. Nevertheless, if you can figure out how to fix a fatty liver by exercising, you can be sure that some yoga practices can offer much better results.

Various yoga routines combined with breathing exercises can help you detoxify your entire body, reduce stress and emotional anxiety, and eliminate the effects that alcohol or other substances may have had on your liver in the past.

Also, the practices are very popular, and some are quite simple. You can find countless DVDs and books to help you practice them safely, or you can join local classes to get the benefit of working with a certified teacher.

Whether or not you have known beforehand of some of these remedies for cleansing your liver and treating fatty liver disease, you should know that at least some of them have been quite useful in providing a practical and easy way of solving liver problems. You may find these practices to offer some excellent answers on how to fix a fatty liver in the healthiest ways possible.

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