How to Reduce a Fatty Liver Back to its Original State

Those suffering from this condition should know that a treatment does exist, and they should be informed about how to reduce a fatty liver in a completely natural way. Usually, when a doctor finds you have a fatty liver, he will tell you one of these two things: one is to go on a strict diet and hope for the best, while the other is that the only salvation is a liver transplant. The choices are so limited because currently there is little known about what causes the liver to stockpile fat instead of processing it. The best they can hope for is for you to somehow heal by yourself.

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Is it possible to actually do that? The simple answer is yes. In the following paragraphs, we will take a short look at a method that has had significant success in reducing a fatty liver, if not entirely curing it. The best part is that the best advice on how to reduce a fatty liver has little to do with hospitals. However, this is true before the liver enters a state called cirrhosis.

Once cirrhosis has installed, it means your liver is covered in scar tissue, and will not function the way it should. The liver has an extremely important role in keeping us fit and healthy, but when it is extensively damaged, it will do the opposite. Instead of destroying fats, it accumulates them, instead of making sure your blood is free from toxins, it pumps toxins into your blood stream. And the most dangerous part is that symptoms begin manifesting only when the liver is already damaged. Therefore, the actual question should be “how to prevent a fatty liver” instead of “how to reduce a fatty liver.”

A healthy lifestyle and exercising can prevent the buildup of fat in the liver. Do not count on a magic pill that will cure you if your liver starts showing signs of fatigue; there is no such thing. If symptoms have already begun manifesting, you have to take immediate action. The symptoms include a dull pain in the upper right part of the abdomen that doesn’t subside, lack of appetite, bloating, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

By now, your liver is already suffering. The matter of how to reduce a fatty liver starts with a visit to the medic to find out how extensive the damage is. After this, a dramatic change of your daily life has to take place. To mend the fat deposits on your liver, you have to immediately cut down on alcohol and fat foods.  Make a habit out of eating foods with a lot of fiber, vegetables, as well as fruits. But make sure you do not exaggerate with fruit. Here’s why.

Healthy Fatty Liver Reduction

Fruits are good for your health, so why be cautious around them? With a normal liver, fruits are an excellent thing to eat. That is not the case when fat accumulates in the liver and fibrous tissue appears. Of course, they should not be eliminated completely, but consumed with moderation, because fructose is processed by the liver.

Learning how to reduce a fatty liver to normal sizes implies avoiding anything that can backfire. Fructose is transformed into fat by an ailing liver because it lacks the necessary enzymes to transform it into glucose. Even worse, the fat resulted in this way is partially pumped into your blood, while the majority of it remains on the liver. Needles to say, this only complicates things. Since everyone’s metabolism is different, you should consult a nutritionist to see what types of fruits are best tolerated by your organism. Obviously, you should do this when you are healthy, but it works in the incipient phases too.

Furthermore, if you want to learn how to reduce a fatty liver, keep in mind that your daily diet must contain a lot of liquids. And by liquids we mean mainly water – pure and simple water. Fruit juice should be avoided if the liver has been damaged. We have discussed this earlier. Alcohol consumption should not even cross your mind. Of course, if your liver is healthy, a glass of red wine now and then has been proven to have beneficial effects on the body. Limit yourself to just water, though, about 2 liters of it per day. Also, soda is on the black list too.

Next, let’s see what foods should be avoided.  When you ask the doctor about how to reduce a fatty liver, he will say that you have to eliminate highly processed food and deep fried meals. Artificial sweeteners, as well as regular sweets, must become a thing of the past, along with those 3 cups of coffee a day. Avoid foods with excess salt, as they also stress out a liver already at its limits.

The only types of meat recommended are chicken and turkey, and even these in moderate quantities. The same can be said about dairy products. If you fancy some, go for natural yogurts (no fruit flavor or anything like that) and cheese. Soy is also on the list of foods that should be eaten if the liver has problems with fat. As you can see, information on how to reduce a fatty liver mainly refers to controlling your diet.

But doesn’t medication play a part in here, too? At this moment, doctors prescribe medication when the liver is already afflicted by cirrhosis, when it is mostly too late to do anything. A number of products are under research, but no clear result has been registered yet. When you ask a doctor about how to reduce a fatty liver, he will inform you of the same things written above: diet changes and exercises.

If you adhere to what is written above, you have every chance of cleansing your liver of fat deposits.  There have been documented cases in which even fibrous tissue has been cured just by changing the diet and strictly maintaining it.

Ridding your liver of fat is a completely reachable target if you put your mind to it. Even if the liver has been damaged, you can make it right again. Sure, it will be harder to revert it to its original state, but with determination and patience, you will do so. So, stop pondering the matter of how to reduce a fatty liver any further and start taking action.

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