Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease

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Treatment for fatty liver disease

It’s not very easy to develop a treatment for fatty liver disease. There are multiple things that can be causing it and it is not always very clear for each individual what these causes are. For an illness that is affecting about one in five Americans, there is an unusually low amount of information on it. Most doctors and advice books point out that, with a lot of restraint, the fatty liver disease can be cured in about two years – which will probably sound like an eternity to someone who will suddenly be forced to change their entire lifestyle and eating habits.

Can it be done more easily?

In the case of the treatment for fatty liver disease, just like with many other issues that seemed impossible to solve, the Internet is proving to be a God-sent solution. Before the Internet, the only thing you could do after being diagnosed with the fatty liver disease was to follow your doctor’s advice. Considering that, for years, most doctors categorized the disease as incurable, that usually meant a lifetime of battling its symptoms without much focus on the cause.

But is that really such a bad thing?

Fatty liver disease is a condition where the liver simply stops filtering fats that you eat in a proper manner. That means that basically every fat you eat will not get properly processed and will probably end up being ingested by your body. That will have two consequences:

  • The obvious one will be that you will start gaining weight and it will be very difficult to get rid of it afterwards. You will basically have to put in double the exercise to lose half the weight that a normal exercise would lose for you.
  • The less obvious one – but more dangerous in many ways – will be that the toxins in the fat will spread through your body. This will end up cluttering your veins, your heart and will spread through all of your organs. On the long term, this can lead to serious conditions – sometimes even cancer.

For all the above reasons, but also for many others, it is very important to find an efficient treatment for fatty liver disease. The more time that the condition will spend in your body, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it and its nasty consequences.

So how do we go about it?

If you are not satisfied with the treatment for fatty liver disease that is offered by your doctor – or its timeline – then try to search for alternatives. Not all doctors are open to all the available options and, sometimes, the easiest treatment for fatty liver disease is not the most conventional one. Reversing fatty liver disease can be done and there are methods out there that can do it in a much shorter timeline than traditional treatments offer.

In this particular case, the Internet is a wonderful source of information. Of course, you should evaluate everything that you read before deciding on what is reliable and can be used. Anything that involves miracle pills should be taken in with a grain of salt – obviously not everything works on everyone. But if you find a treatment for fatty liver disease that has no possible side-effects (like a healthy diet, for example) and you find sufficient testimonials to prove that it works, you might want to give it a try.

One of the best solutions in that field is the Ezra protocol. Surprisingly efficient and fast, the protocol promises to reverse your fatty liver disease in about two months – about ten times faster than most treatments.

Where do I find out more about the Ezra protocol?

This amazingly efficient treatment for fatty liver disease has only been recently publicized to the world. It was developed by Dr. Ezra, a doctor that practices alternative medicine. Based on his studies on the work of Dr. Alfred Pischinger, dr. Ezra has developed a natural but effective fatty liver cure.

Information on this treatment for fatty liver disease can be found on the Internet, if one runs a thorough check. But it has now also been summarized very efficiently in the shape of an 163-page long book after another fatty liver disease sufferer, Debra Elkin, has discovered and applied the treatment – only to realize that it can completely reverse the disease much faster than anything else. Her enthusiasm about being cured so fast and so well was extremely high, and she decided that this cure could no longer be an obscure treatment. Her part in sharing this with the world came in when she wrote The Fatty Liver Bible, the most concise (but also informational) study on Dr. Ezra’s treatment.

The Internet is still the source for this – the book is being published in an e-book format, which means that, for a small price, it can be easily downloaded by everyone, from every corner of the planet.

What does it consist of?

The best treatments are always the ones that Mother Nature can provide, and the Ezra protocol is no different. In a complicated world, with more and more complicated solutions, the best way to go is still the simple way. This treatment for fatty liver disease is a way to go back to basics and to remind ourselves that, in order to be healthy, it sometimes is a good idea to show a little restraint.

The best thing about it is that you can’t go wrong with it. There’s absolutely nothing about this treatment that can hurt you. If it doesn’t work, you can ask for your money back and it will be given to you. Counseling is available – to clarify the book and its teachings – and you don’t have to pay any extra dime for it. This is without a doubt the most risk-free option that is currently available as far as the treatment for fatty liver disease goes.

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All about the Fatty Liver Diet

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fatty liver diet

A Fatty Liver Diet is basically a set of rules you would need to apply when you suffer from a fatty liver condition. Despite not directly affecting the stomach, the fatty liver condition is mainly a nutritious issue, and the most important step you need to go for is go on a diet. The longer you delay in seeking dietary help the harder it will be to repair your liver, the sooner you embark on your liver repair routine the sooner you will feel the benefits of the liver healing process.

The Fatty Liver Diet and Why it is important

Having a fatty liver basically means that your liver no longer filters the fats from the nutrients in your food. The reason it does that is because it is bombarded with too much fat (more than it can filter), the fat starts getting deposited in the liver and the liver stops working properly.

If you don’t start lowering the levels of fat that the liver is getting, there will be more and more fat stored in your liver. On a long-term, that means your liver’s capacity to store the fat will be diminished even more, the fat will start spreading to your blood vessels and your heart. You will start gaining weight and it will be more and more difficult to lose it. Your health will decline and the likelihood of developing related serious conditions will increase.

So, basically, the liver repair starts with controlling exactly what your liver is getting: that means fatty liver diet. If you think about it most ailments can benefit from the correct dietary changes, healing a fatty liver is simply a case of using good common sense and obtaining the correct information. You can easily pick up snippets of information on the internet however it would be wise to simply obtain a book or download a fatty liver diet plan of some kind.

Once you know which foods will help you it will simply be a matter of time before you start to feel an imporvement, as with all fatty liver remedies the best course of action is to get started as soon as possible. Delay any kind of treatment and you could make matters worse, plus you want to feel better for both your family and your own sake don’t you.

Discovering why you need a Fatty Liver Diet

The fatty liver diet menu depends very much on what caused the fatty liver condition to begin with. Developing your home treatment strategy will need to involve a few steps of identifying exactly what hurt your liver to begin with.

So, for example, if you were a heavy drinker, it would be a pretty safe bet to assume that it’s alcohol that caused the fatty liver issues. Alcohol asks a lot of our liver and it hurts it more than just about any other bad thing. This is why, despite various possible causes for fatty liver, doctors generally split it into two categories: alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

If even before developing the condition you were drinking less than two drinks a day, it’s very likely that your liver issue is not alcohol-induced, which means that things with your fatty liver diet will get a little more complicated. It’s a good idea to study your eating habits and try to identify elements that could possibly upset your liver. Such elements may include:

  •  High concentration of so-called junk foods in your diet: chips, pizza, burgers, fast-food, fried foods. This type of food has a high fat count (and lots of calories too), but is not really nutrient – your body does not receive from it the substances it needs to function. For this reason, it is usually eaten in large quantities – because the body is not really satisfied with what it is getting and asks for more. Junk food should definitely not be in your fatty liver diet.
  • High concentration of bread and pastry. This type of food should be eaten – but only in moderate quantities.
  • Eating meat that has been treated with antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones. Usually chicken and turkey meat is treated with such substances – so that it can be sold faster (if chicken and turkey grows faster) and so that it can last longer. This may be good for the business of the chicken meat seller, but it is definitely not good for the liver: bio food is much better for your fatty liver diet.
  • Generally speaking, the more processed the food is, the worse it is for your liver. Since our organs developed back in the times when food was only available naturally, without any processing, our livers are not familiar with the substances that we eat nowadays – which makes them hard to digest.
  • Try to avoid taking too many drugs or prescription pills. Even aspirin can affect your liver in a bad way.

Make sure your fatty liver diet avoids any excesses but also any food of whose provenance you are unsure of. Moderation and control is the key to your fatty liver reversing. Your diet should be created in order to lead to liver cleansing.

Now that we know what to avoid… what do we eat?

Well, pretty much everything else. Your fatty liver diet should include plenty of vegetables and fruits – but just like with meat, the more bio they are, the better. Any steroids and pesticides are bad for you.

Drink lots of water. Water purifies the body and helps you eliminate toxins much better. You can also drink fruit and vegetable juices but, again, be aware of where those come from.

You can also start looking for supplements – but beware of what exactly they contain. Not everything that is advertised as healthy, is actually so.

Try to help out your diet by working out – jog, go to a gym or take an aerobics class. It will help you eliminate fats a little faster.

Do not be discouraged if your fatty liver diet does not work instantly. Cleansing your body takes time, especially if you have eaten the wrong things for a very long time. Be patient and persist in respecting the diet. It will be worth it in the end.

How do I start a Fatty Liver Diet?

Well, that depends from person to person. The one thing you need to be clear on is that not everyone develops fatty liver for the same reasons so sometimes the same methods do not work on everyone. There are, however, some general rules that apply and the Internet will be a resourceful source of information. Books have been written about this and nowadays they can be downloaded for very little money. Forums exist where people discuss about their own condition and how they solved it. Learn from other people’s experience – most of the people who went through this and got healthy will be happy to share it.

After you are cured, try to not go back to the old eating habits. While it will be much less dangerous to slip after you are healthy again, you need to learn the lessons of the fatty liver diet in order to prevent going through this again.

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The Fatty Infiltration of the Liver – Slow and Painful Body Invasion

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Fatty Infiltration of the Liver

The process of developing fatty infiltration of the liver is very slow and sometimes can go unnoticed for years. Usually by the time it gets diagnosed, it is already a serious issue and it takes ages to fix it. That happens because the symptoms of the fatty liver disease are easily misdiagnosed – sometimes because the patients themselves don’t think they are important enough to be worth a doctor’s visit and other times because the doctors focus too much on the symptoms and less on what is causing them.

What’s causing the fatty infiltration of the liver?

There are many causes that collaborate to creating a fatty liver. Sometimes they all contribute, other times it’s just some that can be identified. One reason on its own rarely leads to everything, but there are some that can be identified as main causes, without which the development of fatty liver rarely ever happens.

Studies have shown that in most of the fatty liver cases, there are four chemical triggers that are present in the bodies. These chemical triggers are therefore identified as one of the main causes for the fatty infiltration of the liver. Unfortunately, despite recent studies showing these to be one of the main issues behind the fatty liver, they are also one of the main factors that are being ignored when applying a treatment for the condition and when trying to reverse it. That happens mainly because this chemical trigger issue is not publicized enough and is not considered reliable by most mainstream doctors – despite having thousands of research pages to back it up.

Despite being probably its main factor, the chemical triggers issue is not the only thing that causes the fatty infiltration of the liver and the presence of other disturbing factors can rush the process. And in order to identify them, let’s try to go back and see what fatty liver really is.

Fatty liver is basically a liver that deposits fat in its tissues because it stops filtering it right – as it should. The tendency to not filter fat properly is mainly caused by the chemical triggers, but obviously there would be no issue if there would be no fat to deposit. This is why, one’s diet is another important element when developing fatty liver. Fat foods and eating lots of sugar are only some of the elements that could lead to fatty infiltration of the liver. Another disruptive factor that could lead to such issues would be heavy alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a substance that tires the liver and slows its functions down.

Does cutting down alcohol and fats help reversing fatty infiltration of the liver?

Well, it certainly helps. A strict diet that ensures that only a small quantity (obviously no quantity would be even better) of fat and toxins reaches the liver will always give it the reprieve it needs to heal itself. Any form of home treatment will obviously help if supported by eating food that does not hurt the liver.

But, beware. Reversing fatty infiltration of the liver will not work unless you make sure to identify the exact causes that have led to its development. Without getting rid of the main cause of the illness, it will keep coming back to you, as other fatty liver sufferers have discovered over the years. Consult a doctor to guide you through the healing process – you will need as much strength as you can get and it will be much more helpful to have a reliable hand to guide you through the process.

How long does the healing process take?

Do not despair if the treatment does not work instantly. Repairing your liver takes time and it will not work immediately. There are cases where fatty infiltration of the liver heals in years, not even months. The good news is that, as long as you don’t lose hope and you stay on track with your treatment, the illness will eventually heal. The even better news is that scientists and doctors are staying on top of the issue so that they can develop better solutions to fixing an issue that, for a long time, has presented itself as unfixable.

Nowadays, solutions that manage to reduce the timeline showed up. The latest one, Dr. Ezra’s protocol for fatty liver cure has achieved the extraordinary performance of cutting down the length of the treatment to an incredible two months.

Where can I find out more about healing fatty liver?

The most important advantage you will have when reversing an illness such as fatty liver, will be the information you work with. So where does that information comes from?

  • Your doctor – this source of information has the great advantage of being a specialized person, someone who has studied the subject of fatty infiltration of the liver and has the possibility of making an opinion based on scientific facts. Probably the most reliable source of information, the doctor however can occasionally be reluctant to recommend the newest methods available and will probably be oriented towards the known (but sometimes not the easiest) way out.
  • Other former and current sufferers of fatty liver disease: they will probably be the best source of information on how the condition will feel like for you and how certain treatments will affect you personally and physically. No-one can understand you better than someone who has actually been through this.
  • The Internet is an amazing source of information – one that is more and more relevant and more important. On the Internet you get in touch with information from other sides of the planet, you will be able to find out what treatments are used in any area.

Last but not least, books that before could only be obtained at a very high price can now be downloaded in an affordable manner – giving you access to the newest research and information on the topic of fatty infiltration of the liver.

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Learn How to Cure Your Fatty Liver with the Right Diet for Fatty Liver Disease

Dec 13 2011 Published by under Fatty Liver Cure,The Fatty Liver Bible

Cure fatty liver

People who suffer from fatty liver disease (FLD) should know that the effects of this awful affliction can be reversed through a diet for fatty liver disease. But first of all, let us clarify what this condition is. It occurs when triglyceride fat congregates in liver cells. When this happens, the liver is affected by steatosis. Steatosis is characterized by a high retention of fat within the liver cell.

What causes the fatty liver disease?

Many researchers claim that it is still not clear how a liver becomes fat. However, according to some theories, the fat that accumulates around the liver might be absorbed from other parts of the body. Other scientists claim that this disease can be caused by the fact that the liver loses its ability to process fat into a form that can be eliminated.

However, you should know that you are especially inclined to get this disease if you suffer from obesity (with fat accumulating around the waist, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels). Persons that manifest resistance to insulin (a hormone that helps to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood) can also become affected by fatty liver disease. Furthermore, a high intake of alcohol is among the prime causes of FLD. So, make sure you consume alcohol with moderation to prevent having to go on a diet for fatty liver disease.

Is FLD treatable?

As previously mentioned, this dangerous condition that attacks the liver can be reversed through the classic pill treatment or through a diet for fatty liver disease. The world of medicine has progressed very much in this area, and notable cures have been found that can restore the health of your liver in a very short period.

General recommendations

Fatty liver occurs in 20-30 percent of people, but the problem is that the condition does not manifest in a painful way. Symptoms are usually vague and non-specific. In the early stages, common symptoms include fatigue, malaise, as well as aches in the upper right abdominal area. In the absence of a diet for fatty liver disease, this liver condition can lead to hepatocellular carcinoma in 10 percent of cases of alcoholic FLD. The frequency of liver cancer in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has not been quantified yet.

Specialists in the medical world claimed that they have not yet discovered a standard treatment for the fatty liver disease. However, significant lifestyle changes are indicated. Your liver will remain healthy if you keep it clean with the help of the right diet for fatty liver disease. Here is how you can do this:

- consume alcoholic drinks with moderation;
- seek appropriate treatment for lipid disorders (affections that may hinder the proper processing of dietary fat);
- closely monitor your insulin (irregular levels of insulin can trigger the appearance of FLD);
- ask your doctor to tell you what drugs and substances lead to liver damage.

Is there a way to heal FLD right away?

I have some wonderful news for you. The answer is yes! There is a miraculous diet for fatty liver disease and it really works. You can escape the turmoil-like effects of a fatty liver disease, possibly followed by cirrhosis, if you follow the principles of the holistic breakthrough protocol, also known as the Ezra protocol. This protocol was developed by Jacob Ezra, an alternative medicine expert that specializes only in fatty liver and cirrhosis. It relies on Dr. Alfred Pischinger’s research into what is known as the reversal of liver cirrhosis.

Popularized by Debra Elkin, a former sufferer of fatty liver and a health consultant, the Ezra protocol is a multidimensional, completely natural, 5-step program designed to reverse the outcome of fatty liver and obesity. This plan originates from the wide knowledge and experience of Jacob Ezra, who has perfected the protocol over 27 years and healed thousands of patients worldwide.

The Fatty Liver Bible conceived by Jacob Ezra is supported by a staggering fifty thousand hours of nutritional expertise. Its roots are deeply buried into a markedly innovative research about what causes the appearance of fat in the mass of the liver. Moreover, a solid proof that the protocol really works are the 250 case studies that can be found in the life-changing, downloadable e-book “The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol”.

The diet for fatty liver disease promoted by Elkin and perfected by Jacob Ezra has been adopted by fatty liver sufferers from over twenty-two countries and the number is ever increasing. The e-book will reveal a series of discoveries without precedent. In a bid to convince you of the effectiveness of this e-book about the best diet for fatty liver disease, I have decided to highlight some of the most important aspects it speaks about:

- The truth behind the pattern of extra-cellular matrix in the manifestation of the fatty liver disease;
- The explanation for the fact that people in the Oriental countries hardly ever get a fatty liver;
- The astonishing discoveries made after a study on fatty liver triggers has been conducted in Russia;
- The book teaches you more about an organ that needs to be strictly controlled, so as not to trigger abdominal malfunctions (among which liver damage can be mentioned);
- The common, deadly mistake over 90 percent of fatty liver sufferers make every day;
- How a single problem of the fatty liver sufferer can trigger a congestion that will damage 30 billion liver cells in your body daily;
- The substance that can eliminate the problem of congestion in your liver;
- The results of a study that demonstrates the action of an herb with healing powers on mice who suffer of FLD;

Representatives of the medical community showed their disapproval when Elkin wanted to publish the unique diet for fatty liver disease. The explanation for such a reaction is that they did not want to put themselves into an unfavorable light. However, the e-book has been published over the internet and is now available for the large number of fatty liver sufferers.

So, make sure you do not miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity! Follow the diet for fatty liver disease included in “The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol” and speed up your healing process.

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