What is the Best Diet for a Fatty Liver? Healthy Eating for a Healthy Liver

If healthy eating can reverse fatty liver disease, what is the best diet for a fatty liver? Can you reverse your condition by following a weight loss diet? Is there a special diet you should follow in case of fatty liver disease? Do weight loss diets differ from fatty liver diets?

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Looking for information on fatty liver diets, you will probably find contradictory opinions. Some diets suggest eating something, while others suggest avoiding the same foods. Which one is right? Who should you trust? What is the best diet for a fatty liver among the ones you can find online or in books?

The following lines aim at finding the common suggestions of different fatty liver diets and the foods most of the diets suggest staying away from. The first thing you have to understand is the fact that there is no single, miraculous diet to reverse your condition. You can make the diet yourself, by learning a few healthy eating principles that apply in the case of fatty liver disease. Once you understand and follow these principles every day, at every meal you have, positive results will soon start to appear. This being said, what is the best diet for a fatty liver? Well, it’s the one you think up yourself by following some healthy eating principles.

To understand why some foods are better than others in reversing fatty liver disease, you have to understand your condition better. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is said to be caused by unhealthy eating habits, obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. If you want to heal this disease, there is no better way than dealing with what caused the condition in the first place. If you have developed a fatty liver because of an improper lifestyle and diet, changing them is a must.

Many people ignore the importance of eating healthy meals and monitoring their weight. The fast pace of today’s lifestyle brings with it a lack of attention to healthy eating and exercise, so more and more people are being diagnosed with obesity, diabetes or fatty liver, conditions usually associated with poor eating habits. If only we paid more attention to what we ate, we would probably feel better, healthier and stronger than we feel now. But today, leading our lifes in a continual race against time, it is easy to succumb to the temptation of eating fast food, sweets, fried food and other unhealthy, but appealing meals.

Food high in carbohydrates, fried dark meats, soda, fatty foods, they are all on our daily diet. But these foods are also the most harmful ones for our livers. Eliminating them from our meals is the first thing we should do in order to lead a healthy life. This is one of the most important principles to follow when choosing foods for our diets.

If so many things we usually eat are harmful to our livers, what are the things we can eat? What is the best diet for a fatty liver? Check out the suggestions many doctors and nutritionists make in the case of fatty liver disease, and you will find an answer yourself.

1. Eliminate high carbohydrate foods from your diet

The number one harmful foods to your liver are high carbohydrate foods, like white bread, pasta, biscuits, white rice, and sweets. Many people find refraining from high carbohydrate foods extremely difficult. The problem is that, just by lowering the calories in your meals, you cannot hope to improve your liver’s functioning. Although weight loss is the key to reversing fatty liver disease, eliminating high carbohydrate foods from your diet is a crucial part in the recovery. So, what is the best diet for a fatty liver? A low carbohydrate diet.

2. Eat raw fruits (low in fructose) and vegetables

Raw vegetables and fruits are always excellent choices, for any type of diet. They are healthy, contain vitamins, and have low calories. But are all fruits good for a fatty liver? You might be astounded to find out some fruits can actually harm your liver, instead of healing it. You should better avoid fruits that are high in fructose, because they have the potential to damage your liver and worsen your disease. By reading The Fatty Liver Bible, you can find out which fruits are good and which to avoid, as well as why high fructose fruits are bad for your liver. The Fatty Liver Bible and Ezra Protocol is a downloadable e-book packed with answers to questions concerning fatty liver disease, that might help you decide what foods to include in your daily meals and which ones to avoid.

In conclusion, what is the best diet for a fatty liver? A diet containing raw vegetables and low-fructose fruits.

3. Eat small portions

Losing weight is the aim of every diet, and a fatty liver diet is not exception. Therefore, you should better eat smaller portions than usual. Instead of eating three generous meals every day, try eating more small meals. Not eating at all is not advisable either. Weight loss has to be done gradually in order to contribute to improving your liver’s functioning. What is the best diet for a fatty liver, then? A diet that doesn’t starve you.

4. Drink water and raw vegetable juices

Drink a lot of water, because it will help clean up your body and your liver. Raw vegetable juices are also beneficial in the case of fatty liver disease. Therefore, what is the best diet for a fatty liver? One that includes drinking at least 2 liters of water and natural juice every day.

5. For better results, complement your diet with exercise

Exercise will help you maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. By complementing your diet with regular exercise, you will lose weight in a healthy, beautiful way, and reverse your liver’s condition. What is the best diet for a fatty liver? A diet completed by a regular exercise program.

If you follow these basic principles, you will probably find the right answer to a question many people suffering from fatty liver disease have: what is the best diet for a fatty liver?

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