What Is the Best Diet for Fatty Liver? Learn What to Eat and What to Avoid

Most doctors, websites and specialty magazines, whenever queried on the topic of fatty liver, have a common answer, which is: adopting a special diet – so what is the best diet for fatty liver? Everyone keeps talking about how fatty liver develops due to a bad diet, so, obviously, switching to a healthier diet is the home cure that pretty much everyone recommends. As to what this diet contains, the opinions are not always the same, but we can browse for some common points and discover what the generally good foods are and what should be avoided.

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What is good to eat when suffering from fatty liver?

So, when looking for an answer to “what is the best diet for fatty liver?”, you need to start somewhere, and the best start is making a list of what will help you reverse the process that has led to your condition. Here are some points:

● Typically, the recommended diets for fatty liver sufferers contain foods that do not have a high calorie count but contain plenty of fibers. This makes sense when you think about the role of the liver in your body: liver is dealing with the cleansing of the body, with filtering the toxins. The body basically picks what is good for it (the fiber) and lets the liver filter out the rest. If you eat more fiber, obviously, there will be more for the body to keep and less for the liver to filter.

● Another thing to remember when deciding what is the best diet for fatty liver is that fatty liver is basically a disease that develops by gathering fat in your liver (just in case the suggestive name didn’t give it away). If you eat foods with low fat, there will not be much fat to accumulate, so your liver will start getting healthier.

● Listen to your grandmother and increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you choose them to be bio, as little touched by chemical substances as possible, then it’s even better. Remember: natural foods are always healthier than processed ones.

● If you really can’t help but eat fried food, don’t use the common sunflower oil or the corn oil. Go for coconut oil and olive oil – they are much, much healthier. But it’s better if you use that oil raw, in salads. Remember, Mother Nature’s recipes are the best answer to “what is the best diet for fatty liver?”

● Dried beans, bran cereals and brown rice are all good for your liver. Healthy, natural and even tasty, if you know how to cook them, these foods will help pave the way to a healthy liver.

● Keep checking the protein amount you eat. What is the best diet for fatty liver? – a balanced diet. Too much protein is bad, but too little is not good either. Meat proteins are the strongest ones, but not necessarily the best ones – if you’re going to eat meat, try fish or turkey. Low-fat and high in vitamins – these are the best types of meat protein available. Remember, though, dairy, eggs and even vegetables like beans and soya are also rich in protein.

What we shouldn’t eat when suffering from fatty liver

To perfect what is the best diet for fatty liver, you also have to eliminate some things from your diet. As per above, some of the things you need to eliminate are obvious: fat foods, fast foods, foods with high calorie count, red meat, fried foods, sunflower oil, corn oil, alcohol and so on. These are obviously unhealthy foods for you and your liver. But here are some (maybe) unexpected things that you also might want to avoid if suffering from fatty liver.

● Medication: There’s this general consensus that when sick, one has to swallow pills. But most pharmaceuticals hurt our liver. There are supplements that are occasionally recommended, but none of them will be as good for your liver as a good, healthy meal. Remember, a good answer to “what is the best diet for fatty liver?” is to keep your meals natural. Pharmaceuticals do not apply.

● Canned vegetables: Yes, they are vegetables, but most of the canned vegetables no longer have all those vitamins that usually make vegetables so good for our body. Canned vegetables are basically empty shells – void of nutritious elements.

● Vitamins A and D in large quantities. This is a tricky one, because, today, there’s a whole trend of including all kinds of vitamins in regular foods (yogurt with extra vitamin D), because everyone has this idea that vitamins are good. The idea is not wrong, it would be bad not to have enough vitamins in our system, but again, if you’re wondering “what is the best diet for fatty liver?” you must know you should never overdo it with anything. Any excess is bad, but in the case of vitamins A and D, this could really be fatal for your liver. Stay within the reasonable grounds.

Another thing to remember is the following: yes, it is universally acknowledged that obesity and fatty liver go hand in hand, and one of the most important steps in treating fatty liver is to lose weight. But, going back to the mantra: “what is the best diet for fatty liver?”. Well, the best diets are mild, balanced, rational ones. Starvation diets may lead to weight loss, but they will not help your liver. Diet pills will pretty much kill it and, long term, also kill you. Yes, weight loss is important, but not any kind of weight loss. You need to lose weight and build muscle, create a new, healthy body on the ashes of what was before.

As a conclusion

The liver is pretty much the signpost for how healthy your body is. A healthy liver is a liver that is not bombarded with toxins – that usually means your diet is appropriate. The second the liver starts malfunctioning, you should start re-evaluating what you eat. So, what is the best diet for fatty liver? – a healthy diet.

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